Legumes and Cereals

Michelotti e Zei provides to its clients various kind of uncommon legumes and cereals, very requested for their particular qualities by those who tasted them: many varieties of beans, pees, oak, grain, cous cous, After having been wrongly considered as poor and indigestive food, legumes and cereals have recently been discovered by the modern food science as a good alternative of animal protein . Further than stitches, protein and carbohydrates , legumes also offer the richness of fibres useful for the digestive apparatus. Legumes and cereals offers the total absence of unhealthy saturated fat and uric acids. So, they are nowadays considered one of the principal elements of a genuine diet. They give a considerable amount of proteins, so they are indicated as a proper answer to the body needs. Legumes and cereals are dry products coming from selected plants. The natural drying process, made following the farmer tradition, does not affect the organoleptic characteristics of these products.
Michelotti e Zei offers a genuine and tasty product.
The company recovers typical Tuscan legumes. They have contracts with some local farms in order to produce healthy chickpeas, beans and spelt.
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