Since the ancient times , rice has always been the symbol of happiness and beginning of life. Japanese and Vietnamese use it as a holy symbol and a gift as it grows thanks to the light of the sun.
Oriental populations associate to rice the red colour as the beginning of life, of the heart and the soul, and of the perpetual youthness. Also in the European cultures rice is a symbol of happiness and richness. Rice fully satisfies the body daily need of vitamins and mineral salts.
Michelotti e Zei distributes rice grown in Novara and Vercelli area the hearth of the Italian rice. There are different kinds of rice available such as: arborio, basmati, carnaroli, originario, rb, rb parboiled, roma, roma parboiled, sant’Andrea, thai, thai bianco, thai profumato, venere nero, vialone nano, rosso.

The main varieties of rice:
CARNAROLI: it is considered one of the best Italian rice with long and thin grains. It doesn’t overcook. It is the best for Risotto.
Vialone Nano: Good and not pasty rice. It grows near Mantova and its perfect with wildfowl, pumpkin and snails.
Arborio: It is good for Risotto as it has big grains and it releases starches during cooking. Dressings are well absorbed.Roma e Baldo: Superfine. They are also full of starches.
S. Andrea: Good for soups and cakes. It is very pasty and it is mainly used in Piemonte and Veneto.
Ribe: Really good for salads. It is used to prepare paraboild rice.
Padano e originario: Round and little grains. Traditional of the North of Italy. Its is good for soups and timbales